Coordinated Universal Time (source: Wikipedia) Coordinated Universal Time (source: Wikipedia)

I’ve been struggling a bit with a working Time Zone Drop Down, so I thought I shared it. The target was to have a nice drop down list with as many Country/City combinations as possible, so that the users are not confused.

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Android Debugging

I intended to do this for a long time now, since Android Debugging goes hand in hand with Linux debugging. I’ve noticed, during my trolling on the >InsertCoin forum, that people that start messing around with their Android mobile (read: start rooting it), don’t know what to do if something fails.

The minimum tools needed for any debugging are:

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Adding a Facebook Like button to Blogger can be both easy and complicated, depending on who explains it. After a quick search on Google, I found how to add a custom Facebook Like button to my blog. Obviously, it’s not something difficult if I could do it in three minutes all together, but I thought I’d share the experience.

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