Years ago, there was a worldwide tendency to adopt ITIL in the IT departments of all organizations, big or small. This, together with the wide adoption (although misunderstood by most) adoption of COBIT led to big and small companies setting up clear pillars, where the focus was on the activity being done, instead of the product or service delivered to the customer.

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Ever since I've started hosting my own domains, I've searched for ways to automate the website provisioning. Normally, the documentation includes the information on configuring your infrastructure based on roles. But if you have a webserver role for all your minions it doesn't help with the individual provisioning I am aiming at.

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Just a Great Tit

So I've had yesterday a small Great Tit (known as Pițigoi in Romanian and Kohlmeise in German) guest in my office. It just didn't want to leave. I took the opportunity to take a few pics. Baby Great Tit just sitting there Animated

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