This How-To will show you how to launch an OpenVPN Server in Docker Swarm, running in dual (TCP/UDP) mode. It will use swarm-launcher to start the processes in privileged mode and Nginx as a loadbalancer/proxy for allowing connections to the VPN server.

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Ever since I’ve started hosting my own domains, I’ve searched for ways to automate the website provisioning. Normally, the documentation includes the information on configuring your infrastructure based on roles. But if you have a webserver role for all your minions it doesn’t help with the individual provisioning I am aiming at.

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Linux “root” tweaks

Tired of always being afraid someone will hack into your Linux computer/server? One of the most important steps is to make sure the attacker can’t log in with the “root” account. In order to do this, you have to

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Coordinated Universal Time (source: Wikipedia) Coordinated Universal Time (source: Wikipedia)

I’ve been struggling a bit with a working Time Zone Drop Down, so I thought I shared it. The target was to have a nice drop down list with as many Country/City combinations as possible, so that the users are not confused.

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